“Professional Support to Meet the
Demands of Busy Medical Practices.”
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A medical practice is one of the most dynamic environments in today’s business
climate.  Employing a staff that not only effectively maintains a successful day-to-day
operation but also keeps a watchful eye on important issues on the horizon, can be a
costly endeavor.  Here are some ways DOLLARS & SENSE can make this task less

EHR, Billing, Management, Personnel, MIPS.  Call us we can help!

Staying up to date with ever-changing insurance policies, guidelines, and coding
initiatives is a full-time job in itself.  DOLLARS & SENSE employs a staff of
professional and proficient Billing Specialists.  We work together to stay on top of
industry changes, providing physicians peace of mind in knowing their collections are
stable, accurate, and consistent with charges billed.

Next to the physician, the Office Manager usually has the most demanding role in the
medical practice.  One of the most time-consuming responsibilities the Office Manager
encounters is that of payroll preparation and bookkeeping.  DOLLARS & SENSE
provides payroll services for the medical practice.  Monthly, quarterly, and annual
payroll reports are guaranteed accurate and timely.  Whether you have a staff of five or
fifty-five, we can help.

Are you a physician who is just going out on your own?  Do you have an established
practice that is feeling the pinch from not being contracted with the right carriers?  
DOLLARS & SENSE offers credentialing support for medical providers.  Utilize our
credentialing service to revitalize not only your patient flow, but your cash flow as well.  
Some limitations will apply based on individual carriers.
Additional Services