SpringCharts Information
As the medical field continues toward a totally paperless environment, DOLLARS &
SENSE stands ready to provide physicians with robust, affordable, and proven
Electronic Health Record management. It is very easy to use and works not only as a
stand alone, but now boasts its own Practice Management System.

Spring Medical was founded by a group of doctors whose expectations of what an
EHR should be were not being met.  It is one of the easiest Electronic Health Records
to use and setup.

SpringCharts EHR works hand in hand with Medisoft.  Practices currently using
Medisoft would not have to spend potentially hundreds of hours inputting information
or risk losing critical data in a conversion to a program not Medisoft-compatible.  

SpringCharts features a dynamic design, allowing the treating staff to customize their
program to suit their specific treatment needs.  This program utilizes SpringLabs, a
module that connects with most major laboratories and enables the user to download
lab results directly into the patient chart.  SpringCharts EHR will elevate your practice
to the cutting edge of medical technology.  

Hard working physicians owe it to themselves to view a SpringCharts demonstration.  
Call DOLLARS & SENSE today for yours.  
Spring Charts Video Overview. Check out what
Spring Charts Can do for your practice!