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X-Charge Credit Card Processing Info

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If any of your other clients are looking into X-charge, I would definitely
recommend it.  I did some research on some other credit card processing
companies including Sam's Club and X-Charge beat everyone's price.  There
were no hidden fees and it was pretty easy to set it up.  We installed the card
swipers on 2 of our computers and they take any credit cards including Diners
club. It is also comes with a keypad for Debit Card transactions.  The only
thing extra we had to purchase was the Dymo Printers to use with it.  You can
print the receipts to your printer, but if you want Credit Card size receipts the
Dymo 400 printer works great.  

When you use in conjunction with Medisoft it automatically adds the credit
card payment to your payment list for the day and you just need to apply to
the charge.  It is very user friendly.

We were leary about switching, but I am happy we did.

Peggy Linton
Billing Manager
Angela McCain, MD, PA
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X-Charge Credit Card Info